Outdoor Environment Digital Library

 In Home-Based Instruction

Since I can’t read books to the students at school right now, I have taken advantage of some of the wonderful and FREE resources online, by setting up an Outdoor Environment Digital Library. Right now, Epic is offering free remote access for students, by teacher invite only (no credit card required for this remote access). Simply send me a quick email and I will send you back a teacher invite.

If you would like to preview some of my collections, please check out the following links:

Check out my books about Chickens! These fiction and non-fiction books are age appropriate and will be a great companion to our upcoming Chicken Cam. I miss Otis, Pepper, and Skipper, and I am sure the kids do too!

Check out my books about Gardens! The books in this collection include stories about gardens and flowers, as well as non-fiction books about how to plant gardens and about the insects that live there.

Soon, we hope to have daily updates on butterflies that I will be hatching, and this collection of butterfly books would be a great addition to viewing our photos.

Finally, one thing I miss most right now is teaching my students about life in the desert, from how to grow food in the desert, to the animals that live here. This collection of fiction and non-fiction books about the desert will surely be exciting for all of our Arizona kiddos.

Please note, if you try to sign up for access without the teacher invite, you will need to enter a credit card. Instead, email me at mhubbard@santancs.com, and I will send you an invite within 24 hours.

Happy reading!

-Ms. Hubbard