Painting with Soil

 In Home-Based Instruction

Is there anything more fun for a child than to play freely in the dirt? This outdoor project can be done with absolutely no extra supplies. All you need is some dirt, water, and an enthusiastic child. Mud painting is one of the earliest artforms, and I promise your child will have a blast.

To accomodate mud painting, you don’t need to do much. Consider different things your child can use to make art. Traditional paint brushes. Cotton swabs. Fingers. Leaves! The possibilities are endless. Gather a basket full of options and set it down next to a shallow bowl of water, and either a patch of dirt or small tray of soil.

Show your child how to make the dirt into mud by slowly mixing the dirt and water. Lead them to use the different materials for painting, and provide a surface for them to paint on. I have used paper, bricks, rocks, or just a patio or sidewalk. An easil or white board works too!

Other steps can be added to make this a more complex project. Consider providing a sieve and having your child sift the soil first. Add clay or different types of soil to create colors. Ask your student to tell you the story of their art. Allow them to paint you! Arms and legs can be a great canvas for mud painting, and your child can see how the mud reacts on different surfaces, including skin.

I have added a section to my Epic library that has books about dirt, mud, and outdoor art. Please email me if you need an invite to my online library!