Elementary STREAMS and Outdoor Environment 02.08.2020

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We had an incredibly busy week in STREAMS as we started working on a new stop motion video. You may remember that back in September we had made one for Dr. Sippel’s birthday. This time, we are making a video to show “A day in the life of a Montessori Student.” While our previous video was made with mixed media, this video will mostly be made with paper cutouts and collage style work. As we learn more about paper art, we spent some time studying the art of Henri Matisse. We looked at several of the artists that he has influenced, and we made our own Matisse style collage art as well.

In our garden, we hung up a new feeder and caught side of our very first hungry hummingbird. We also tended to the baby plants that are popping up in our windowsill, that will soon we transferred to our raised beds. Our worms have been quite dormant due to the cold temperatures, but we replaced their bedding this week and hope that they will get back to normal soon. We also talked about how the frost can damage our plants, and several students helped me cover the plants when the overnight temperatures dropped below freezing.

On Friday, I brought my record player to school and we had a chance to see how it works. We have been tinkering with a broken record player for several weeks, so getting to see a working one in action was quite a treat! All of the elementary classes have finished up their artwork for the Atlantis art auction fundraiser. I can’t wait for you to see what we have been working on!

-Ms. Hubbard