Preschool Outdoor Environment Newsletter 02.22.2020

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Hello Preschool Parents!

Over the last two weeks in Outdoor Environment class we had a few rainy days, but we still managed to get out into the garden quite often (muddy shoes and all!). We have harvested our broccoli, which was eaten straight out of the garden and enjoyed by almost everyone. We also harvested some tomatoes, and we sampled cilantro.

We were delighted to find 2 eggs every day, and Pepper, Skipper, and Otis are more used to our noise in the garden. We are even getting used to their laying schedule and know when to expect a fresh egg in the coop! Pepper will come over and eat greens out of our hands, and Otis gives us a beautiful and loud crow every morning.

Last week, we used our wooden scale to measure the different weights of items we found in nature. We were also able to fill up our water table and practice guessing which things would sink and which would float. Finally, we managed to rake up almost all of the leaves and they have become the first part of our new compost bin, which we all got to practice turning with the big handle!

The photos show before and after harvesting our large broccoli plant! We look forward to more tomatoes and herbs this week, as well as making some herb butter from our own harvest and organic cream.

-Ms. Hubbard